Shaolin Chinese Yoga LOGO black.
Fast-paced Kung Fu Yoga.

Shaolin Chinese Yoga was designed as a Yoga School without the Tai Chi and Shaolin Kung Fu that normally accompanies it.  Shaolin Chinese Yoga has been the foundation of the health and well-being rewards of Buddha Zhen’s three martial systems

  • Shaolin Chi Mantis  founded 1992 after teaching for fun since 1984.
  • Tai Chi Youth founded 1996 as a nonprofit education organization for troubled youth, prisoners
  • Buddha Kung Fu founded 2008 as a shorter curriculum without the Praying Mantis Kung Fu of Shaolin Chi Mantis.

We are excited to develop this Shaolin Chinese Yoga program over the next few years as we also design our TEACHER PROGRAM.  Be one of the first to franchise and teach our Shaolin Chinese Yoga as a Certified Instructor of Shaolin Chinese Yoga.  We want our instructors to be successful and spread Shaolin Chinese Yoga worldwide–so we will help make certain you are successful as we design our franchise program also…