Steven's Courses


There are THREE 4-month semesters in Shaolin Chinese Yoga.

Now that these classes are ONLY online… THREE 6-month semesters would be a better way to guarantee success with distance between us.

Semester 1

Yoga + Breathing + Exercise + Meditation

Semester 2

Yoga + Qigong + Exercise + Relaxation Technique

Semester 3

Yoga + Qigong + Exercise + Energy Flow Technique


is three semesters more after completion of the original three semesters.

Teacher: Semester 1

Learn how to teach the FIRST SEMESTER and help some students graduate.

Teacher: Semester 2

Learn how to teach the SECOND SEMESTER of Shaolin Chinese Kung Fu Yoga and take pride in your student graduates.

Teacher: Semester 3

Learn how to teach the THIRD SEMESTER of "Energy Flow Techniques" moving awareness through the muscles, skin and organs of the body.

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